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Case Study & Examples

Here are some screenshots of our app being used by real customers!



We pretty much take 90% of returns in-house from our dropship orders.



  1. Our vendors want to charge us 15-20% restock fees. ( our customers buck every time) we want that fee in our pockets 100%.

  2. Customers absolutely can not be trusted to return anything properly. Id say a good 80% of returns they are not packed decent, boxes are completely destroyed, or covered in duct-taped. 30% show up in random boxes. mind you all the orders ship out in branded boxes. most are missing paperwork, tools, or any extras.

  3. Customers lie about the product being installed nearly 50% of the time. Vendors will ding us for this or just pass the box off as new and reship as new to another customer and we look like assholes to a new customer.

  4. Vendors are completely unreliable to alert us on returns arriving at their location. Even our largest most organized vendor will take 2-3 weeks to process a return longer if we don’t ask or look into them.

  5. most of our customers return and do not include the RMA forms, and then ship from the UPS store with out a name attached. Super fun to play the who the f sent this back game. At least when its here we know its our customer, if it happens to goto a vendor they have to search which dealers sold that and honestly they don’t have time to find out who owned it.

"Our next step is to work on a clearance / open box sale page for the site and use the app. These returns tend to sell pretty quickly even with our dedicated page."

Ma Performance Returns For Sale
MA Perfomance Logo

MA Performance Automotive

Maperformance sells all their returns that can’t be sold as new using ReturnsForSale app in Shopify.

That can mean a damaged box to this extreme of someone trying out an exhaust system and then returning it. Notice how they rated it in C condition with clear images of what to expect.

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 11.48.14

Stovefitters Warehouse

Stovefitter’s warehouse in the UK using ReturnsForSale app to liquidate floor samples

Returns For Sale
returns for sale app
Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 11.54.41

Swimovate Watches

Swimovate uses Returns For Sale to sell open-box returns & used returned watches.

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 12.09.01

Athena Games

Athena Games uses Returns for Sale to sell off damaged game sets. They often see damage to the outside of a box while the game is in perfect shape. Returns for Sale allows them to make sales without taking much of a loss to the retail price. 

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