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Here are some commonly asked questions!

  • Will it be available on other platforms beside Shopify?
    We are planning on setting up for: Magento BigCommerce WooCommerce Demandware Others we shoud know about? Sign up to be notified.
  • Can you help install it?
    Yes! It only takes a few minutes but we recognize not all know how to place it in their theme. Simple shoot us an email and we will send an invite from Shopify to get access to collaborate on the them and install it. We will do it in the middle of the night so we don't interupt anything.
  • Can I use the App to just liquidate products?
    Yes! You absolutelly can. Currently, it will still say 'ReturnsForSale' above the widget, but you can certainly just list a product in 'A' condition and then just describe it as 'new condition' in the description.
  • Will inventory count be effected by ReturnsForSale?
    You can check a box when posting if you want the app to pull from the new inventory count. As an example: let's say you have 10 XYZ product new in stock for sale. You sell one, you now have 9. when you get it back, you have 2 choices. 1) put into stock where shopify would show you have 10. 2) you keep it out of stock but sell on R4S. system shows 9. Reason behind this... if you have 10 in stock but one of those is a return, shopify will let you sell 10 new ones, but you really only have 9. That's how we solved this issue. In general we would not check it, to keep our new product count accurate.
  • Where is the best spot for the widget?
    We have found it best to go right below the cart. But here is a short video on some options. Remember, it only shows up when you have a DRIP listed.
  • What are the "Return Policy Ratings" per product category?"
    Click Here For Product Conditions Page
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