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Case Study: US top LAX Shopify Store / Returns For Sale

Returns For Sale App helps leading US LAX Shopify site sell off hundreds of returns!

Sport Stop: Leading LAX Shopify website.

Client Background

Sport Stop LAX,, based in New Hampshire, offer a lenient return policy to allow customers to actually try our the products and return if not satisfied.

Sometimes, those returns can not be sold as new. This had left them with a pile in their warehouse building, and tying up cash and taking up space.

There’s only so far you can go with a local warehouse sale.

Client Challenges:

Need to offer lenient returns to encourage online sales

Returns that are not in perfect condition with a perfect box can’t be sold as new

Dead merchandise ties up cash and takes up space.

eBay is time consuming and expensive.


We walked them through how to post in under a minute and made a few customizations they requested to make the process even more efficient.

Customization Example: The Returns For Sale app creates a new product in the Shopify catalog that then deletes when sold. Deleting works for most, but they wanted to take returns on those if needed and their return software, Happy Returns, then couldn’t automate and find the deleted product. We knew others would have this issue, so we invested in development. We now have the option to archive for 45 days before deleting. That keeps your back end clean but also allows their return software to locate it and keep that process automated.

Conclusion: They integrated their return process to include documenting the condition, taking photos and posting to their website in minutes. The Returns For Sale widget is customized to their brand, and appears with a return on the new product page until sold.


A smooth process that includes labeling, listing, and selling all returns.

Over 600 returns sold to date in just over a year.

This is not an uncommon story for Returns For Sale. Categories beyond sporting goods, including Automotive, Furniture, Fire pits, kitchen, playground equipment, pet shops, and even clothing. We make it easy and clean.


We solve the problem of returns that can’t be sold as new. We make it easy to post, easy for a customer to see the opportunity buy, and because it disappears from the site and Shopify, it’s clean.

Our Expertise:

We have over 20 years experience in e-commerce, hundreds of millions in sales, hundreds of employees over the years, dozens of websites in multiple categories and now over 12 years on Shopify. We know ecommerce, we know Shopify, we know the realities and the headaches of returns.

Let’s Talk Returns

Contact us and we can walk you through with a casual screen share and see if it’s a fit for your business.


Minneapolis MN

For reference: their review in April 2021.

…the experience has been great so far. In fact when we were testing this feature on our site we had the problem of the items we were listing were selling more quickly than we anticipated. Also we had some suggestions for changes while we were testing and they actually were able to take many of our suggestions and roll them out in days or weeks. I never had a company be so responsive for a new & free customer. We anticipate this new feature will allow us to recoup $10K+ a year in revenue from items we were not able to sell before. Highly recommend.

United States

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