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Shopify App: by DRIP Retail LLC


Got a return with a damaged box, slightly worn or used look, or even damaged product? An easy recommerce solution to post it fast and easy, in any condition.

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Stop The Waste

Got returns that can’t be sold as new? Displays, samples, demos, overstock or used? Our recommerce app sells it.

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DRIP’s Until It Sells

Put an opening discount and set the DRIP rate to any % you want. The price will DRIP daily until it sells

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Any Condition Sells

In less than 1 minute. Rate ABCDF, describe the issue, upload images. All quick and easy. Products delete when sold. Clean and easy.

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Why Download This App?

Liquidate Your Returns That Can’t Be Sold As New, In Any Condition.

Got a return with a damaged box, slightly worn or used look, or even damaged product? This is a simple and easy solution we’ve been using for years to sell it fast while letting the market find the price, and now made a Shopify App.


Set a Discount and DRIP Rate

The price will optionally DRIP by x% every day until it sells. Example, put it up for 15% off and DRIP at 2%, a day at midnight, in perpetuity. Note: It will never hit 0 because it DRIPs 2% from the day before, not the original price.



Describe it and Rate it

When selling a return, it's important your customers know exactly what they are getting. We leave room in the widget to rate the return ABCDF, describe the issues in detail, and take / add photos of the issues.  This way they know exactly what they are getting.  We certainly don't want returns on returns!  (You can also set a returns purchase policy)



Post a Product in 1 Minute or Less

We made it so simple. The Shopify App connects to your listed products in a drop down format, it's fast and easy. It can also be done with the Shopify app by a warehouse worker with a mobile device where they can take a photo of the product displaying the issue (box, dirt, stain, tear, etc..)




The App shows up as a widget on your new product page (unseen if no returns are posted).  It can be set by you wherever you want on the page, typically just below the cart and social tags. It links to its own page to add to cart and checkout. Our support team can help with this, as it takes only about 3 minutes if you can read into your theme code. The Widget only appears if you have a return for sale.


  • Set a custom Returns policy for your ReturnsForSale. Maybe no returns on a return.

  • Set multiple DRIP rate templates. Moderate, aggressive...

  • Customize the name, URL, and SKU.  It doesn't have to be a 'Return For Sale'.



Clean & Simple

The app duplicates your XYZ product page, so all the info they need is right there. Our widget describes the return so it’s perfectly clear what they get. In Shopify, it names the product 'XYZ - Return For Sale'. Once sold, it disappears from Shopify. No mess.



Beyond Returns

Use it for scratch & dent, Amazon returns, samples, demos, or even just liquidate slow movers. So easy and clean.

Let The Market Find The Price

Some shoppers won't buy used or a return, but everyone loves a discount. This app allows you to describe the return with clear detail to a discerning consumer knows exactly what they are getting.



Why Download?

About Us

We have been in ecommerce since 1999.  The DRIP concept for returns that can't be sold as new started in 2006.  Our issue was on our site where we sold 25,000 strollers a year.  When you get a stroller back that's been opened or slightly used, you simply can't sell it as new.  We had to get creative.  eBay was time consuming, we needed simple.   We had over 30 websites, this became our go to for all returns that could not be thrown back on the shelf as new.  It works amazing.  With Shopify, it's a simple app and even easier.


Why We Love Shopify

We have been using Shopify since 2011.  We love it because it's simple enough for even a non programmer to use.  We designed the Shopify App to be just that, simple, clean, and easy.  Because we've been using Shopify for so long, we knew what issues people would face.  You can list a product in 1 minute or less.  We were able to test it in real time for month, improve on it, and watch our returns pile diminish.  

More platforms coming soon.

Get the best shopify app & start selling your damaged items  >>



Naked Armor ®


Amazing app that allows me to sell all my open-box products and turn what used to be a loss into a win-win. Easy to install and manage.

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